Posted by: Glenelg Guitar Studio | January 27, 2021

Learning Guitar in 2021

A student gave me some good advice recently on learning Guitar in 2021. I’m sure it doesn’t differ greatly from previous years but it let’s hope that 2021 bring just a little more happiness.

Anyway here’s this one piece of advice.



PS Please let me know if you have any phrases that help you


  1. Leigh I’m not sure if this is right platform to forward this but I do hope you can access it. Just love it.

  2. That’s very good! And applicable to many pursuits. Learning the doosra for example. Looking forward very much to another year of guitar. Cheers SA

    • Thanks Stephen.
      I had to look up what a doosra was (I had heard of wrongun and googly)!
      See you Feb 4th.

  3. And above all ENJOY 🙂🎶

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