Students IN FOCUS

My students may each have a different FOCUS on their Guitar, ranging from just learning to strum chords to pursuing a career in music, however, my FOCUS is totally on them and their individual goals.
I have showcased some students recent achievements to show what is achievable at various levels.


Immanuel Primary School group

These 4 boys are upcoming guitarists and this is their first public performance. They had never played together before and have only just started their “guitar journey”. Can’t wait until they’re feet reach the floor 🙂

William Healey IN FOCUS

What would you wish for if you were an 11 year old, learning guitar at Glenelg Guitar Studio, and a new fan of Pink Floyd. Well you might have missed the chance to play with the original “Pink Floyd” by a few decades but what about a session with tribute band “Experience Floyd” . Well William Healey got his wish when he was invited by guitarist Daniel Hunter, to play with them at rehearsal. The song of course was “Wish you were here” from the album of the same name, released in 1975.

Thanks to guitarist  Daniel for his great encouragement and to William’s parents who also provide support to his guitar learning. In case you were wondering; Yes, William does do Guitar Exams and has had 94% and 97% in the last two. I told you doing exams can really accelerate your learning !


Pete Mitchell IN FOCUS

This video is a short interview with young student Pete Mitchell, the third of the Mitchell boys to study guitar here, and he then gives us a great rendition of the Stevie Ray Vaughn classic “Lenny”

This is a must watch video for all GGS students. See what you can achieve with persistence and regular practice. You can also see Pete playing here and follow his newly formed band on Facebook here.

Robyn in FOCUS

Robyn is a mature age student that started with Glenelg Guitar Studio around 5 years ago. She had not touched a musical instrument since piano lessons at Primary School, and decided on the Classical Guitar to “keep her brain active”. Robyn has now progressed to Pass Grade 3 examinations.

I hope you enjoy our duet of “Sentimental Waltz”


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