Students IN FOCUS

My students may each have a different FOCUS on their Guitar, ranging from just learning to strum chords to pursuing a career in music, however, my FOCUS is totally on them and their individual goals.
I have showcased some students recent achievements to show what is achievable at various levels.


Guitar Workshops
Students are invited to attend the monthly Classical Guitar Workshops where all ages and levels showcase their learning on the guitar.

Here’s performances from Hayden and Lenore who were both first time performers at the last Workshop for 2022. What a fantastic effort from all the students who have performed during the year.

The next 2 videos are from the October Workshop with Austin’s first performance and Stephen’s second.

The videos are of Duets with Stephen and secondly Will. A great learning experience for students of all styles.

Our First Duet

Chelsea made her first performance at the recent Guitar Workshop, accompanied by her teacher Leigh Fopp.

She began her guitar lessons 6 months ago and played “Our First Duet”. Well played by our “almost 9 year old” student who is in grade 3 at school.

Congratulations on a great effort.

The occasion was the recent monthly Guitar workshop organised by Adelaide Guitarist, teacher, arranger and recording artist Jason Waldron, which is open to the public for the sum of $2.00. The venue is in Unley (contact me for further details) and is a great way to enhance your guitar learning and performance.

Pear Salad Band Bass Solo

Here’s a little Bass solo from Chris, one of our many students. Chris has been learning Bass Guitar for 8 years and now performs as part of Pear Salad Band. Great work Chris !!

Charlie in FOCUS

It pays to start young and 10 year old Charlie is certainly doing that. He started guitar lessons through school about 18 months ago is is certainly progressing well. Here’s a video of him playing “Hey there Delilah”.

Chris Allen in FOCUS

Chris is a student of Glenelg Guitar Studio through Immanuel College. Chris is the Bass player of a young band that recently had their first Gig at the Holdfast Hotel.

His father (very proud father !) sent through some details and a short video.

The Event was Sold out.
People were lined outside to get in to see them.
They performed about 30 songs.
The bar staff told me they were the best act the have seen in ages.
The band has likely secured 5 Gigs
The group maintained an incredible amount of professionalism.

Thankyou Fopp… I’ve waited 16 years for this and I couldn’t be more proud

Riley Trimmer in FOCUS

Riley Trimmer plays  “Hey There Delilah” by the “Plain White T’s”.
This was a no.1 hit in 2006 and Riley has spent a lot of time practicing to get this one up to speed. Well done !

Dean Kimber and Wyatt Sin IN FOCUS

You are never too young (or too old) to learn 

Here’s a snippet from the Immanuel Primary School Guitar Recital. Dean Kimber and Wyatt Sin are both students of Glenelg Guitar Studio teacher Leigh Fopp.

They are from Grade 3 and 5 in the Primary School. Great video from their parents with a guest appearance by the “sister”. Well done guys !!!

William and Chris in FOCUS

It’s school holidays and students are having a break from Guitar Lessons but that doesn’t mean a break from Guitar Playing. William (guitar) and Chris (bass) are both students at Glenelg Guitar Studio, and certainly enjoy their guitar learning and playing.
So what do 2 teenage, guitar playing boys do during school holidays ? They drag in a friend on the drum kit and form a band of course. Here’s a one minute snippet of their fun jam session. They are putting into practice all the skills they have learnt and most importantly they are having FUN.  So put on your best Sherlock Holmes hat and join the boys for a minute of FUN.

P.S. Yes the boys do have a band name. Skidmarks ….I kid you not !!!

Immanuel Primary School group

These 4 boys are upcoming guitarists and this is their first public performance. They had never played together before and have only just started their “guitar journey”. Can’t wait until they’re feet reach the floor 🙂

William Healey IN FOCUS

What would you wish for if you were an 11 year old, learning guitar at Glenelg Guitar Studio, and a new fan of Pink Floyd. Well you might have missed the chance to play with the original “Pink Floyd” by a few decades but what about a session with tribute band “Experience Floyd” . Well William Healey got his wish when he was invited by guitarist Daniel Hunter, to play with them at rehearsal. The song of course was “Wish you were here” from the album of the same name, released in 1975.

Thanks to guitarist  Daniel for his great encouragement and to William’s parents who also provide support to his guitar learning. In case you were wondering; Yes, William does do Guitar Exams and has had 94% and 97% in the last two. I told you doing exams can really accelerate your learning !

Pete Mitchell IN FOCUS

This video is a short interview with young student Pete Mitchell, the third of the Mitchell boys to study guitar here, and he then gives us a great rendition of the Stevie Ray Vaughn classic “Lenny”

This is a must watch video for all GGS students. See what you can achieve with persistence and regular practice. You can also see Pete playing here and follow his newly formed band on Facebook here.

Robyn in FOCUS

Robyn is a mature age student that started with Glenelg Guitar Studio around 5 years ago. She had not touched a musical instrument since piano lessons at Primary School, and decided on the Classical Guitar to “keep her brain active”. Robyn has now progressed to Pass Grade 3 examinations.

I hope you enjoy our duet of “Sentimental Waltz”

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