Posted by: Glenelg Guitar Studio | January 22, 2022

Metronomes for Guitar

I tell every student about the benefit and usage of a metronome in lessons but I’m sure this message from a student will reinforce the benefit.

Hi Leigh

Just a note on the metronome. Yes, I know you are always going on about practicing with the metronome and now I actually think I’ve got it happening.

In the beginning it was difficult. I was trying to read the music, find the notes on the right strings, and get a reasonable sound happening as well as getting the timing right. The whole lot together with the metronome beeping at me was sometimes daunting. Even at a very slow pace, however, I started to improve.

I had most trouble on pieces where there were lots of rests but now I seemed to have improved a lot. I found when I was playing the piece without the metronome I was able to count in my head to follow the beat.

I have been using a couple of metronome apps on my phone and the one I like best is the Iona Voice Metronome which has beeps, male and female voice counting as well as my favourite, a dog barking in time!”

Choose the different modes. Voice , beeps or dog bark

As the author of this message has indicated, a metronome will help you develop a sense of rhythm and constant tempo. Most have the ability to change accent to any beat as well as change the time.

A metronome will make you a better guitarist ie smoother with better technique. You will improve over time and your practice will be more efficient.

Make sure you are using it every practice session.

Please do what this guitarist has done and email me what is working for you in your own practice. I will put your comments up on the website for other guitarists to investigate.



  1. Thanks for the tip about downloading the metronome from an app. I find it very useful for practice.

    • Hi Colette,
      Thank you for your email.
      I suggest using your metronome initially for scales-because you already know them so well.

  2. Excellent comment. Well done!

    • Thank for the feedback Bob.
      Looking forward to catching up with you on Feb 2nd.

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