Introductory Lesson

Not sure about the guitar style you want to learn or just want to experience learning at the Glenelg Guitar Studio ?

Why not book in for a 60 minute introductory lesson and see what you can achieve by joining me at the Glenelg Guitar Studio. There’s no obligation and the introductory lesson will be at a reduced fee ($37.00 which is half price). We can meet to discuss your goals and aspirations and establish the best way ahead.

Of course with our younger students we encourage parent participation, not only in the initial lesson, but throughout the entire learning process. Give it a go – there’s nothing to lose.

If you want to book a no-obligation introductory lesson ring or email me now as there are limited places available. Lessons are conducted at Glenelg, South Australia.

Leigh Fopp

Learn with the Glenelg Guitar Studio

YOU will use a method that is quick, fun and easy
YOU will learn from one of Adelaide’s most successful and patient teachers
YOU can be of any age – Child or Adult
YOU can choose the style of music you play (e.g. Classical, Bass, Modern, Electric, Folk, Jazz, Fingerpicking)
YOUR lessons will be tailored to your needs, levels, interests and age
YOU can learn a new hobby, enjoy a creative outlet or prepare for a rewarding future
YOU can have even more direction in your learning by sitting for graded exams and certificates by nationally and internationally recognised music-education organisations
YOU can hire a guitar from $6.00 a week plus bond

Want to keep up to date with the latest at the Glenelg Guitar Studio?  Simply register your email address on the top right of this page and receive our no obligation up-dates direct to your in box.


  1. Hi Leigh.
    Just wanted to let you Austin really enjoyed himself at his introductory lesson and is looking forward to more lessons. He got up early to practice his drills this morning and then again this evening. A very good start. 😊
    Cheers, Michelle

    • Hi Michelle,
      Thank you for allowing me to teach Austin last night.
      I really enjoyed it and was particularly impressed with his focus.

  2. Hi, I’m new to guitar and i’m looking for a place to learn it, I came here but the prices are really high thats my main problem, I don’t want my parents spending so much money on me just for guitar lessons 😦 I’ve tried youtube videos but they seem to make it more difficult because i dont have someone to do the proper show where you hands can be, I can tune it and everything but its just learning the cords (so im hoping to get a poster) but I wish i could of had done it for a lower price :/ Maybe next time

  3. High Leigh,

    Thanks for keeping in touch, regarding ongoing tuition.
    My friend Ryoko is interested to have you assist her with some Bosanova interpretation of a tune “I wish you love”, simplified chords perhaps?. Perhaps just 1 lesson approx 1 hour for this tune. Can you let me know if you are interested & what the cost would be. Ryoko uses an Aria concert acoustic.

    Cheers, Neil Davis

    • Hi Neil,

      Thanks for your email.

      What you have described shouldn’t be a problem.

      The cost for a 1 hour lesson is the usual $63.00 and there is no charge for any behind the scenes work I may have to do.

      Look forward to hearing from Ryoko or you.



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