Posted by: Glenelg Guitar Studio | December 9, 2022

Seasons Greetings

Yes, it’s that time again. Where did the year go ? It seems like only yesterday we were celebrating the New Year and hoping Covid would subside and normality return.

Well that was not the case but it seems we have a new style of normality. Students have been back to “face to face” lessons and performing well at all levels. We have had great success at school-based and private learning and this year has been busier than ever with classes and students from schools, private lessons and WEA courses.

Some things have changed. We have seen a decrease in Music Exams due to Covid travel restrictions for examiners over the last couple of years. This has placed a greater emphasis on monthly Guitar Workshops where students can learn the art of Guitar Performance in front of a small friendly audience. This has been a focus for many students in both classical and modern guitar learning.

You can see two videos of student performances, at the last workshop for the year, below and see more with this link.

I would like to thank all students for their efforts this past year and also thank everyone who has supported them. Parents, partners and teachers are very important in the learning process.


I hope you have a great Christmas break and look forward to seeing you in the New Year…..Leigh


  1. Merry Christmas Leigh hope to see you at the end of January if health conditions okay. Thanks for your help through a difficult year.

    • Hi Jim.
      Thankyou for making contact and congratulations on your resilience this year.
      Fee free to stay in touch .
      Merry Christmas Jim.

  2. Hi Leigh, Thank you for the Christmas greetings. I’m glad you and your students had a good year and found some creative solutions to changed conditions. I enjoyed the videos. My guitar still brings me a lot of joy. I started lessons a bit over a year ago, and plan to pick them up again after the summer break. Best wishes for Christmas and the new year. Julia Archer

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    • Hi Julia,
      Great to hear from you and I’m so pleased to hear you are still learning.
      Feel free to stay in touch.
      Merry Christmas Julia

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