Leigh Fopp  C.I.T
Professional Guitar Teacher
Member Australian Guild of Music and Speech
Member Independent Music Teachers Guild
Member Music Teachers Association
Certificate of Instrumental Teaching in Guitar

I’m sure that you will want to know about my background when you are looking for a music teacher, so here is a short version of my guitar history.

1979 Commenced teaching Guitar.

I have been fully employed ever since, teaching Guitar in primary and secondary schools, privately at Glenelg Guitar Studio, TAFE, WEA, Flinders St School of Music and Elder Conservatorium of Music ( Adelaide University). I have received the WEA Certificate of Achievement for 15 years service to the guitar community.

Student ages have been from 8 to 80+ years, with experience teaching guitarists individually and in groups of up to 16. I have played professionally in Guitar ensembles, bands, musicals and have performed at concerts with my students.

I occasionally play in an instrumental Guitar duo as well as extending my own experience, attending master classes with renowned Guitarist, recording artist and teacher Jason Waldron. This ongoing learning process keeps me up to date with the latest trends and most importantly keeps me firmly in touch with what it’s like to be a student.

I regularly prepare students for school concerts, school music exams as well  as for external Guitar and theory-of-music exams with national and international music examining bodies (with students winning national awards and cash prizes every year.)

I’m interested in all styles of guitar playing and have a passion for teaching students in the way that will best help them achieve their goals.

I look forward to helping you with your Guitar learning.
Leigh Fopp

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  1. Hi Leigh, my hubby is unable to attend the dates scheduled for the next WEA basic guitar course. He is a complete beginner with a very basic guitar I bought for him as a starter. He is 67 and just wants to learn the basics so he can play for fun. Do you do private lessons and if so, how much do you charge pls?
    I thought a voucher may be a good Father’s Day gift. Kind regards, Tina

    • Hi Tina,
      Thank you for making contact.
      No problems with your husbands age or the fact he is a beginner.
      Here is a link to lesson fees.
      Please let me know if you have any further questions.

  2. Hi Leigh,
    I’d like to book a lesson for the 9th of January. I can do anytime but would prefer earlier in the day if possible.

    • Hi Leah,
      Thank you for your email.
      I have booked you in for 9.00am on Sat 9th Jan.
      See you next Monday.
      Thanks Leah.

  3. Hi Leigh,
    I’m trying to add some more guitarists into our rotation for our assembly and Friday morning worship teams here at Temple College- just thought I’d reach out and ask if there were any kids on the horizon that you think might be up for the task of being introduced to these teams and playing live?
    The guitarists never play on their own (they usually have at least keys, bass and drums with them) and I could definitely pair them up with another guitarist (probably one of the year 11s) for their first couple of gos as well.
    If you’re happy to have a think (and you can even broach the topic with the kids if you wanted) and let me know what you reckon, that would be great.

    • Hi bLiv,
      Sounds like a great opportunity for these young kids to be playing in a group.
      I have a few who are ready for this and I will discuss with them and get back to you.
      I will also help them with the music if required.

  4. Hi Leigh,
    Thanks for sending through such positive feedback re Joshuas’ guitar playing.
    Our home is often filled with his music. Love hearing him play guitar!
    Thanks for teaching him.

    • My pleasure Louise
      I am very pleased with Joshuas positive approach to Guitar, and the high standard of playing that he is demonstrating at his lessons-particularly as some of the material he has been given is very challenging and way outside his comfort zone!
      Thanks again for the support you are giving him Louise.

  5. Thanks Leigh, I have just read Finns music diary and that is very kind of you to offer to get strings for his guitar. Please advise what you think needs replacing and we can either go get them ourselves, or transfer the $$ to you if you are able to obtain them easily.

  6. Hi Leigh

    You were recommended to me by James Music in Sturt Street

    I am an adult beginner – looking for lessons – I tried playing guitar before (a few years ago) but gave up after about a year for various reasons – I have played piano on and off for many years ( not well but enjoy it a lot ) – so have some musical background

    I have more time again now, as am semi retired, working 2 days / week only ( Tuesdays and Wednesdays ) – and would like to learn an instrument again, have another go at playing guitar.

    I live in the Adelaide Hills, but driving to Glenelg isn’t too far, once/fortnight.

    Look forward to hearing from you about how to move forward.



    • Hi Iris,
      Thanks for your email.
      I will give you a ring to arrange an introductory lesson.

  7. Hi Leigh I came across your site as I was looking for some block tuition for guitar playing. I live in country SA and visit adelaide 4 or five times a year usually for a week to ten days at a time. Leigh is it possible to receive lessons on long term basis eg intro plus 3×1 hour over a six month period I will be in Adelaide late september or early october and available for intro and lesson one. Date to be finalised late this month. To make a booking will try and give you 4-6 weeks notice.
    Again around 7th december and back again say 29th december. There after usually visit every 3 months for short periods. I am probably grade one guitar player. I can finger most basic chords and have done so for about 5 years. Though struggle to have some chords sound clean especially Fmaj and Bar chords, also timing and counting seems to be my main problem. I just cannot seem to play and sing a song out, though I have tried quite a few cannot seem to get past starting point. I would like some help to be able to strum and or finger pick these songs while trying to sing them in my fashion.
    Leigh please advise if you are able to assist me.
    Kind regards

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