Tuition Fees


Tuition fees are an important part of deciding on a Guitar Teacher, no matter what age or level of player you are.  However, this should be considered with all the facts in hand.

My philosophy is to provide the best environment for my students to learn at a pace and level that will allow achievement of their goals. No matter whether it’s a rewarding hobby, a creative outlet, to prepare for a career in music or just for fun, lessons will be tailored to meet your individual needs. I take into account your interests and age in setting up a program to ensure that you meet your guitar goals in an easy step by step and enjoyable way. You learn with regular lessons, using tried and tested teaching methods with regular practice set to suit your learning pace. My chosen career and passion is “Teaching Guitar” and I approach it in a professional structured manner.

My lessons are 1 hour in duration and attended on a fortnightly basis. From many years of experience I have found that students perform best and learn quicker when the lesson is for 1 hour. A 30 or 45 minute lesson just doesn’t allow enough time to include all the elements required. Each lesson includes components of technical exercise, playing set pieces and short term goal setting.
See for yourself how much we can fit in to an hour when you come for an  Introductory lesson.

Being fortnightly lessons there is time for the student to practice the exercises given as well as play their chosen pieces and above all have fun in the process. As with any musical instrument practice is an essential part of the learning process and I feel it is very important for students to have time to achieve each short term goal before moving on to the next step.

Lessons are paid for in a 6 week block  which is 3 lessons. A 6 week block costs $249.00 ($237.00 if paying in cash which is less than the fee set by the Music Teachers Association of which I am a member and equates to $39.50 per week).

I am sure that you will enjoy my teaching methods and achieve your goals no matter what style or level you wish to achieve. I invite you to read Testimonials and  take advantage of my  Introductory Lesson offer so that we can meet and discuss your needs. Remember that there is no obligation with this offer.

Just as you wouldn’t take your car to an untrained mechanic, or see a Doctor who wasn’t qualified, I encourage you to only choose Guitar Teachers who are qualified and are regularly involved in Professional Development.

Some past Guitar Exam results are also listed here.
November 2013  July 2013  January 2013   April 2012


Leigh Fopp

Leigh Fopp  C.I.T
Professional Guitar Teacher
Member Australian Guild of Music and Speech
Member Independent Music Teachers Guild
Member Music Teachers Association
Certificate of Instrumental Teaching in Guitar


  1. Dear Leigh
    you are a great guitar teacher…beginner as I am I am determined to learn to play a song or two even as a very mature student.
    (Dr) Pamela Schulz

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