Posted by: Glenelg Guitar Studio | March 13, 2012

Fantastic results – 2011 Guild of Music and Speech exams

The results for the Theory of Music exams in 2011 are finalised and there was a fantastic result from students at the Glenelg Guitar Studio. It’s really great to see so many students, aged from 12-58, decide to undertake the exams. Everyone has their own reason for following a more formal path of learning, however I see that it improves their playing and pleasure by increasing confidence. Increased confidence ofcourse means a greater understanding of the music and  what they can achieve as well as broadening the range, styles and types of music they can play.
Congratulations to eveyone.

Ruby Backen 100 High Distinction
Peter Mitchell 99 High Distinction
Jack Tierney 100 High Distinction 

Ian Pope 98 High Distinction 

Tom Maple 95 Distinction
Bob Mullan 92 Distinction
Robert Mullan 96 High Distinction
Daniel Phan 89 A Honours
Robyn Pope 97 High Distinction
Luca Saj 97 High Distinction

Samuel Kewen 94 Distinction
Joshua Kroehn 95 Distinction
Nathan Reid 90 Distinction


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