Posted by: Glenelg Guitar Studio | September 10, 2012

Acoustic Session. Everyone’s Invited.

Yes we’re back at the Duke of York. It seems they liked us last time and booked us for another short session at the Accoustic Wednesdays. Everyone’s invited to come along and see “One Dozen Strings”, that is Andrew Williams and I, perform our new repertoire at the Duke of York Hotel Acoustic Wednesday 26th September (School Holidays). The Duke of York is located at 83 Currie Street in the City.

Come along, bring your friends and family and hear Instrumental Guitar Music come alive to some cool Jazz, Led Zeppelin, The Police, Animals, Spanish, South American, Movie themes, Classical and other Guitar masterpieces. The session starts at 6pm and we will be on for about 45 minutes, so make sure you’re there early to get a good seat. Not only will you enjoy some great music but the pizza is pretty good as well.

The Duke of York Hotel                      82 Currie Street Adelaide.
Date                                                 Wednesday, September 26th.(school holidays).
Time                                                 We’re onstage at 6pm. for 45 minutes.

Put it in your diary now.  It would be great to see to see lots of Glenelg Guitar Studio and School guitar players in the audience.


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