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photoexamWhat a great effort by 17 of our students, aged from 8 to 60 years, who recently undertook practical assessment with the Australian Guild of Music and Speech. Assessment was done across all guitar styles of Electric, Acoustic, Bass and Classical.

Students take exams through the Guild for a variety of reasons. Some are starting on a pathway to a career in music, some are doing it as part of their school based education but many are simply using it as an achievable structure to gauge their progress. You can start at any level or age and move along the graded learning pathways that offer easily achievable goals that will accelerate your learning.

I think it’s a great way to enhance your learning of the guitar, especially for younger players. Many parents have told me of their child’s increased confidence, not just with the guitar playing, but with life skills generally.

If you think it may suit you, or need more information, ask me next time we get together.

Congratulations to everyone…..Leigh


Noah D’Arcy 90 Distinction
Tim Mitchell  95 Distinction
David Nott 90 Distinction

Toby Mackereth 85 A Honours

Robert Allen 91 Distinction
Tori Buchanan 92 Distinction
Jackson Bungey 92 Distinction
Nick Mangos 80 B+ Credit
Claire Mattner 88 A Honours
Sam Tierney 93 Distinction
Wolf Unglaube 87 A Honours

Neo Gerogiou 86 A Honours
Ian Pope 83 B+ Credit
Jack Tierney 94 Distinction

Pete Mitchell 92 Distinction
Robyn Pope 88 A Honours

Sam Miller 90 Distinction


  1. Really great results Leigh, well worth it!
    I think the kids get so much out of the process, no matter what the end results.
    However you are absolutely right – this is fantastic!


  2. Hi Leigh.


    Thanks for passing this on – Sam is not the most forthcoming student when it comes to letting us know about such achievements.
    I will make sure the result finds its way into our newsletter!!

    These result are indeed a testament to your passion and professionalism.

    With kind regards,


    • Thanks for your offer to put it in the school newsletter Don.

  3. Hi Leigh

    This is really outstanding!
    Thanks so much for sharing, we’ll be sure to pass on our congrats when we see the kids



  4. Well done Leigh!!! Nice work…

    Stuart can you please arrange for these results to be published along with pix of the students for info@immnauel


  5. Great expectations have been realized which has enriched humanity and even civilization. Music that great soother of the soul and spirit going back to the dawn of humanity. Thanks Leigh for birthing a new crop of musos. Allegra pui Troppo. Avanti Hurra for Music. Dario budding guitarist and disciple of the Master.

  6. Thanks Leigh

    He has a bloody good teacher..

    Thankyou for your outstanding efforts with Robert.. Kathy and I certainly appreciate it. 91 is fantastic considering he skipped a grade..

  7. Woop woop!! Very happy with that :). Could not have done it without your excellent tuition!

  8. Wow ! I’m blown away 🙂 all your hard work paid of
    Thanks Leigh

  9. Dear Leigh

    Thank you. This is great news. The boys will be thrilled as they were both very nervous before the exam.

    Thank you also for your time, effort and encouragement for Sam and Jack.

    Kind Regards


  10. Thanks Leigh
    What a great result!! I think that will give Jackson extra confidence going forward, not just with his guitar playing, but in general, so I have no doubt it has been a really worthwhile exercise. Many thanks for your support.
    See you next term.

    • Great email Drew and thanks for the support you give Jackson.

  11. Hi Leigh

    Excellent results mate. A great credit to you and the efforts of those dedicated students. Well done to all of you.



  12. Well done to everyone on fantastic Results

    • Thankyou for the your comment Dave and for the support you give to Robert.

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