Posted by: Glenelg Guitar Studio | July 27, 2013

Leigh plays a famous Spanish piece in drop D tuning

‘Drop D Tuning’  is when the 6th string (normally tuned to E ) is tuned down a tone to D.

“It is often used in Classical music, but it is also a favourite of heavy metal musicians, and those who play the blues although you’ll find it used in all styles of  Guitar music.

You’ll hear it in songs such as “Moby Dick” from Led Zeppelin and even “Dear Prudence” by the Beatles.

Another great tune played in Drop D Tuning is “Black Hole Sun” by Soundgarden. The lower frequencies in this guitar tuning makes it easy to create ominous musical passages. On the other hand, John Mayer’s “Your Body is a Wonderland” shows how Drop D Tuning can also be used in more of a ballad/pop setting. Whatever your style of guitar may be, Drop D Tuning is always there, waiting for you to explore it’s sonic landscape.”

My favourite in Classical Guitar pieces is  a Spanish influenced Capricho árabe (Arab Capriccio) which is a showpiece and classical guitar standard by composer Francisco Tárrega.  (Composed in 1892)

I hope you enjoy my much more recent recording of this piece and will forward it on to any others who may be interested.  If you want to know more about it please let me know next time we catch up.

Cheers …Leigh

P.S. The video was filmed in HD so its best watched in 720 HD, This adjustment is the “cog symbol” which appears on the bottom right of the YouTube screen as soon as you press Play arrow.  If the playback is jerky, you can pause the playback to make it load before playing. Give it a go in Full Screen mode for best effect.



  1. Nice one Leigh – so good to hear that music again!!!

  2. Hi Leigh
    Thank you for finding the music book for me, has a great lot of pieces in it, the link was an American link, so I rang Allen’s Music and they are going to order it in for me. The other one was $6.95 for the book but $17.50 for the cheapest postage so it will all work out the same when I buy it in Adelaide.
    Loved your playing of the Spanish piece, it was great, I have it playing as background music while I’m on the computer.
    Cheers Lenore
    and thanks again for chasing up the Classical Guitar book

  3. Beautifully Played Mr Fopp…..I enjoyed listening to the song very much.. Cheers

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