Posted by: Glenelg Guitar Studio | November 2, 2013


Well our students have done it again. 4 students recently sat theory-of-music exams through the Australian Guild of Music and Speech and they achieved no less than 2 Distinction levels, a Credit and an Honours.

Everyone has their own reason for following a more formal path of learning, however I see that it improves their playing and pleasure by increasing confidence. Confidence means a greater understanding of the music and what they can achieve as well as broadening the range, styles and types of music they can play.

If you are interested in learning more about how undertaking theory of music exams can accelerate your Guitar playing please have a chat with me at your next lesson.

Finally, a BIG thankyou to the following;

1. The parents of these students for their ongoing support and commitment.

2.The music departments in the schools these children attend for the engaging and relevant music programs they offer.

Robert Allen 90 Distinction
Tori Buchanan 84 B+ Credit
Danielle Stander 100 High Distinction

Joshua Kroehn 86 A Honours


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