Posted by: Glenelg Guitar Studio | November 29, 2013

One Day in November

“Un día de Noviembre”, was written by Leo Brouwer for the sound track of Solás’s film by the same name. In the original version, the guitar was accompanied by flute, bass and percussion; Brouwer later transcribed the music for solo guitar.

This was “The golden age of the Cuban cinema, which reached its peak in the late 1960s,which seems miles away from the 1970s, when bureaucracy replaced spontaneity. During the first half of the 1970s, defined as the grey years, censorship was enforced… Solás suffered from this situation with “Un día de noviembre” (One Day in November, 1972), which he considers his most personal work. Though well received abroad, the film would not be viewed in Cuba until 1978. This painful experience led Solás to a crisis serious enough for him to consider giving up film making.” (from Julie Amiot, in “The Cinema of Latin America”, ed. A Elena, M Díaz López, 2003)

Maybe its worth finding this film, even just for the soundtrack.
Un día de noviembre (1972) Cuba 35 mm 110 min Director: Humberto Solás/ Script: Humberto Solás and Nelson Rodríguez/ Music: Leo Brouwer
Recording: La obra guitarrística de Leo Brouwer: Vol. I (Brouwer por Brouwer). Egrem, 2000

This piece is attainable by intermediate student so let me know if you want to add it you your repertoire.



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