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Leigh receives WEA Teaching Award

Lord Mayor Stephen Yarwood presenting the Certificate of Achievement

Lord Mayor Stephen Yarwood presenting the Certificate of Achievement

Time flies when you are having fun!
Yes it’s been a long time teaching adult students at WEA courses in Adelaide, only I didn’t realise it was actually 10 years since I taught my first “Guitar for Beginners” course there. I haven’t sat down and worked out exactly how many people have attended those classes over the years, but it’s certainly many hundreds.

I keep bumping into people who started learning guitar at the WEA course. Many moved on to being students at Glenelg Guitar Studio and continued their study in the guitar  becoming accomplished players , both in modern and classical forms, and many more simply gained an appreciation of the instrument and of course had some fun.

Anyway, recently I attended a civic reception at the Adelaide Town Hall and was presented with a WEA Certificate of Achievement for 10 years service to the community, by the Lord Mayor of Adelaide, Stephen Yarwood.

“The award aims to acknowledge the excellent service of our long term tutors who have shown exceptional dedication to adult community education”.

Nice photo don’t you think !!


  1. Congratulations Leigh. Well deserved , exceptional dedication sums it up. I agree great photo, Very best regards John

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  2. Congratulations Leigh. See you on Thursday, Elizabeth.

  3. Congratulations, well done Leigh!

  4. Congrats Leigh 🙂

  5. Well done!! You deserve it Leigh. All the girls here at Marion say Congratulations:-) Sheila.

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  6. Congrats Leigh! You’re an excellent teacher. I’m living in Mildura so a bit far for Glenelg classes with you but you gave a great foundation. Thanks Chelsea

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  7. Well done Leigh… A truely deserved award… I’m sure all your students will be very proud.. Cheers Dave

  8. Thought that guy had a snake around his neck!!!! Ps well done Leroy!!!


    As the axiom states: “All good things come to those who wait!”
    Most appropriate! Well earned! In which all we guitarists (& would-be GUITARISTS,) share!
    As Will Shakespeare wrote over 400 years ago in the Opening Lines of the Fun Christmas-Season PLAY:

    “If MUSIC be the food of LOVE, PLAY ON; Give me EXCESS of IT!………….” “Duke Orsino’s opening words of “in Act I, sc.i, lines 1 to 1.5
    of “Twelfth Night,” literally, after Christmas Day.

    and MUSIC can also sooth the ‘savage’ beast in some of us!’…..hahahahaha….
    CONGRATULATIONS again, MAESTRO! You’ve earned it! 10 years of TUTORIAL LOVE + HANDED-down EXPERTISE!
    What more can one say than be repetitive!
    Musically, Hugh (83, if the Numero-Uno-Guitarist in the Sky lets me be, in a few days.)

  10. Congratulations Leigh. That’s fantastic.

  11. noticed the photo yesterday, congratulations nice 1, hence the hair to meet the mayor? 🙂

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