Posted by: Glenelg Guitar Studio | March 15, 2014

Some like it formal


…..No, not that sort of FORMAL.

I mean “Formal” as in  formal guitar education. Sure, not every student wants or needs to take formal guitar examinations but it certainly has helped a large number of our students to gauge their progress Australia -wide and encouraged them to establish clear and obtainable goals.

Our latest exam group really showed  the rest of Australia what they could do.

Results are in for the 2013 Practical exams at the end of last year with the Australian Guild of Music and Speech.

Step One
Noah D’Arcy 91 Distinction

Grade One
Danielle Stander 81 B+ Credit

Grade Five
Joshua Kroehn 86 A Honours

I have just been informed  that another 5 students have also been awarded National Achievement Certificates, with some also receiving  Encouragement cheques. These students have been invited to receive their awards at the A.G.M.S. Award and Graduation ceremony on Saturday 12th April in Melbourne.

Guitarists receiving national awards/cheques are:
Sam Miller 92 Distinction(Grade 5 Classical guitar)
Pete Mitchell 93 Distinction(Grade 3 Modern Guitar)
Tim Mitchell 95 Distinction( Step 1 Bass Guitar)
Sam Tierney 93 Distinction(Step 3 Modern Guitar)
Jack Tierney 94 Distinction(Grade 2 Modern Guitar)

This is a fantastic result and I congratulate everyone who undertook exams in 2013. It shows what can be achieved on a national level by enthusiastic guitarists at Glenelg Guitar Studio.

Thanks to everyone.


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    Hey Leigh, Pete here please let me know what you think of this guitar. It’s very cheap for what it is and is apparently in great condition.  Please tell me if you think it’s worth getting.

    • Hi Pete,
      I think it is a fair price for what it is, particularly if you get the case included.
      All the best and keep in touch.
      Thanks Pete.

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