Posted by: Glenelg Guitar Studio | May 14, 2014

Want to accelerate your guitar skills ?

photoexamHi Everyone,

Are you after a challenge that will also accelerate your Guitar skills ?
Well there is a challenge available to students at any level.
In October  we will have formal guitar exams and you have plenty of time to get organised. It’s really not that hard to achieve a great score as you perform at your own level.

What it will do for you  is concentrate your learning and practice, with achievable goals set for October. The exams are not that scary really and simply involve playing scales and up to 3  pieces  and they can be your favourite songs in your style.

Many people comment “I wouldn’t be good enough to do the work required to do an exam”. However, I base some of every lesson on the Guitar exam syllabus so you have already done much of the work and many of the books used regularly in lesson contain work you can use in an exam. I can easily show you  the similarities next time we get together.

Every year many of my students (ages ranging from 8-80 years ) set themselves clear and obtainable goals by being graded on Guitar. You can start at any time and move along the graded learning pathways that offer easily achievable goals that will accelerate your learning.

I am fortunate that students who do these exams not only pass with flying colours but are also able to see that the process was important to their improvement ,development and enjoyment . Our students past results are here and here

Finally, I don’t support ‘doing exams for the sake of doing exams’,  just where they serve the positive purpose of fulfilling your goals by accelerating your progress.

If you think it may suit you, or need more information, ask me next time we get together.



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