Posted by: Glenelg Guitar Studio | October 20, 2014

Oops…was that a mistake ? (“mistakes” and how to deal with them)

Hi Everyone,
I thought I should share this unique and refreshing look at Guitar playing, practice and mistakes.

While it’s common to be nervous and make mistakes in front of other people, including your guitar teacher, my philosophy is simple. You are at the lesson to learn and interact; it’s not a test or exam. You are there because you want to learn, absorb more information but above all use the guitar to have FUN. You will learn more effectively if you are relaxed, so remember the teacher is there to help you move forward, not assess how far you have already come. Look forward to your lesson, enjoy the learning experience along with all its’ mistakes knowing that we all follow the same path no matter what playing level we have achieved.

Several months ago I re-commenced lessons myself so I know what it is like to have a piece well played at home and then mess it up in front of the teacher!

When you practice don’t make it all serious work. Put aside a good section of time to just jam along or play songs/ pieces that YOU LIKE. Maybe try a little simple improvising for some fun music. (let me know if you want to check out simple improvising)

No need for me to say more as the short video does so very powerfully. I hope you enjoy your lessons and have FUN playing.



  1. Thanks Leigh. Some good advice, Jenny

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