Posted by: Glenelg Guitar Studio | January 4, 2015

Your New Years Guitar Resolution


HAPPY NEW YEAR-with Glenelg Guitar Studio mascots “Ruby” and “Ewok”

 New Year’s resolutions

Yep, we’ve made them last year and the year before, so let’s focus on what we can actually achieve this coming year, guitar wise.

A simple but very effective  New Years Resolution will be to PLAN your PRACTICE. 

I think that we can only really FOCUS on practice for say 10-20 minutes at a time, so we need to make that time count.
Break down the session into parts and then work out what section should get the most attention in this practice session.



One method I use is to break the session up into components of;

MEMORISING (occurs once the piece is starting to fall into place)
PRACTICING (when you trying to play better, faster or more precisely)
FUN ( when you are playing just for enjoyment)

Work out your FOCUS for the session and spend 10-20 minutes really working on that component. If it’s a new piece, then it will probably be the MEMORISING. If you are working on timing, rhythm or tone, then it’s PRACTICING and make sure every session has some FUN.

Look out for more ideas in 2015. The first will be with you shortly giving you “12 steps to accelerate your guitar progress in 2015”.

And of course HAPPY NEW YEAR.



  1. Hi Leigh Happy New Year To you and yours I’ve had a great holidays with the kids never a dull moment Catch up when I return Very cute photo Cheers Lenore

    Sent from my iPhone


    • Great to hear from you.
      Glad you enjoyed your time in QLD.
      Look forward to hearing from you when you return.

  2. G’day “Santa Leigh!”

    What a way to get a smile on one’s mush on this feast day of the “Visitation of the Magi” to The Babe in the manger/an animal’s feed box!

    And, how a couple of the reindeer have undergone a transformation.

    Finally, “Many Thanks” for the practical (or should that be “practice”-ical) insights into what goes into the making of a guitarist.

    I intended to print your “golden nuggets” & have it framed & occupying a visible part of the wall, namely, in front of me before every practice session.

    I’ll title it: “The guitar commandments according to Leigh!” Amen. hahahahaha

    See you for your 1st. tutorial on Sunday, 1st. February, Maestro.

    Today is the “Twelfth Night” of the Christmas Season & if the Stratford “Bard” will permit a quote, namely, the opening lines of his comedy of “Twelfth Night” especially written for Eliz. the 1st.:-

    “If music be the food of life play on! Give me an excess of it!”

    “Stanzas” over 400 years of age….and still true!

    May the New Year of 2015 bring you & your loved ones every Grace, Blessing & Good that you could wish & want for yourselves.


    The ancient one, Hugh.

    • Great to hear from you as usual Hugh.
      Look forward to catching up at the WEA on Feb 1st.

  3. Happy New Year !!!.
    For a minute there the photo reminded me of that Rick Moranis movie from 1989. “Honey I shrunk the kids”.

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