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No it’s not HOCUS POCUS. Just 10 minutes of FOCUS can really accelerate your Guitar learning this year.

And last year 22 of our students have proven it !!!

Do you want to join;
Krystal Thompson, Steve Kinnear, Sam Miller, Josh Kroehn, Pete Mitchell, Tim Mitchell, Luke Trenwith, Julian Flint, Sam Wright, Jack Stone, Will Govier, Justin Hutchins, Tori Buchanan, Joseph Bojcevski, Liana Chanon, Grady Clark, Jed Fraser, William Healey, Sophie Marchesan, Tiger Thompson, Isabella Velardo, and Daniel Walsh who all achieved outstanding results last year.

How did they do it in just 10 minutes? Well it’s just a matter of FOCUS. They put their names down to be assessed at their individual standard last year; and you can easily join them this year. Just nominate for assessment at your level this year by seeing me about assessment at your next lesson.

Assessment is really easy as it takes only 10 minutes of FOCUS. Well actually the FOCUS takes a bit longer than that, but the actual assessment takes only 10 minutes. You work on 2 scales and  3 pieces at YOUR level during the next 20 weeks, culminating in that 10 minutes of FOCUS. Nothing hard, nothing difficult, just pieces that you would want to learn anyway, or are probably already learning, only this way you do it with more FOCUS.

What do you get from it ?. You get more FOCUS for your learning and practice sessions, meaning you actually learn quicker and progress further during the year.

certificate 1Now you can have the same amazing experience that transformed last years group. They leapt forward with their Guitar learning by doing the 10 minute Guitar assessment.

This is not just my opinion, it’s proven by those who were assessed last year.  Read some of their comments below.

Have a think about it; talk to me about it at your next lesson and give it a go.




“Wow! That’s outstanding! Thanks for passing that on and thanks for giving her your support – she wouldn’t be able to do that without a good teacher! Lou-Immanuel Primary School parent”

“Hi Leigh, Wow – that’s a very pleasant surprise! Thanks so much for the news but also for your dedicated coaching and tuition – I definitely couldn’t have done it without you! Julian-IT specialist”

“Thanks so much Leigh for your wonderful news !!!! Daniel is so excited with that result he worked hard when pushed a little !!! Thankyou for your on going support and teaching .  Daniel already playing us bits of Sweet home Alabama  since yesterday !!! I think he’s really enjoying his new found confidence !!! Cheers Leigh  have a lovely weekend  chat soon” Jane and Warren-Immanuel Primary School parent

Hi Leigh, I honestly cannot believe it! Wow! Thanks for all your help and support. Krystal-Psychology graduate studying to be Music Therapist

Thankyou Leigh That is excellent news and we are very pleased for him and realise it is rewarding for you too. THANKYOU for your patience and we look forward to another good year. See you on Wed. Kind regards Debbie-Meridien School parent

Hi Leigh, Thanks for letting us know, Tori looks a bit stunned, I don’t think she was expecting a high mark! Thanks also for teaching her, being so supportive, and a positive influence on her. She loves her guitar lessons, she’s not so crazy about practice, but I am sure she will develop more in that area as time goes by”. Mark and Sandy-Immanuel College parents

Fantastic results – thanks so much for your great teaching and support for Josh! Michael and Maggie-parents of Josh who has been learning for 12+years

Thanks Leigh.  Yes a great result for Will.  Thanks for all your teaching with him – I think he really benefits from his guitar. Adam-Immanuel College parent

All credit to you. There is no way Jed would have practised as religiously as he has if it weren’t that he really enjoyed his lessons and playing. Thank you. This will definitely surprise him (as it has us) and will be good encouragement to keep up this high standard. Kind regards, Adele

Hi Leigh,
Wow…are you sure that is not a typo? 🙂
Good work to both of us and thanks for letting me know. I thought that I did enough to pass but that score is a surprise. 🙂Luke

Thank you Leigh. Very proud of him. Ros

Hi Leigh,WOW…this is great news, we have just showed Jack this email and he was pretty chuffed! We are very proud of him and thankyou for being a good teacher.He played ‘Lanterns’ at his school concert the other night and also did it really well.Thanks again and we’ll see you next week.Jodie








  1. Version of Villa Lobos Prelude 1 with right hand and left hand camera positions.​

    Malcolm Lindner Resident Teacher Campbell House

    • Thanks Malcolm.
      I’ll have look at this link before your next lesson.
      Finally, thankyou also for the collection of music you left with me last lesson. I have had enjoyed having a really good look through it.
      See you on 23rd at 7pm.

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