Posted by: Glenelg Guitar Studio | February 28, 2017

Do I wanna know ?

Do I wanna know ?. Yes, you certainly do want to know how to play this song. “Do you wanna know ” by the Arctic Monkeys is a piece that is easily learned by students from Grade 1 upwards and suits a variety of guitar styles. Learn it on an acoustic guitar or maybe crank up the volume on an electric guitar or even better experiment with some reverb and distortion.

Variety is definitely a great attribute to your repertoire and this piece contains no chords, simply notes and a riff which makes it a little unusual. For variety I have recorded this video on a rather old 1972 Conrad guitar instead of an acoustic that you generally see me with. I have also included a video of the original song.

Anyway, check out the short video to see what you can achieve from grade 1 upwards.


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