Posted by: Glenelg Guitar Studio | August 20, 2017

The Tango Salon

Did you know that Adelaide has it’s own Tango Salon where dancers learn and reflect on the Tango ? It was certainly a new one to me, but I’m more accustomed to playing the music rather than hitting the dance floor.

My good friend Wikipedia has some information about the term “Milonga” which is also the name of the piece that I am playing.

Milonga is a term for a place or an event where tango is danced. People who frequently go to milongas are sometimes called milongueros. The term “milonga” can also refer to a musical genre or a style of dance related to tango.

The music played is mainly tango, vals and milonga (as the musical genre). Most milongas are held on a regular basis (usually weekly), and they often begin with dancing classes and sometimes demonstration dances. Usually, three to five songs of a kind are played in a row (this is called tanda) followed by a short musical break (called cortina) to clear the dance floor and facilitate partner changes.

So there’s a few new terms for you to remember. Milonga, Vals, Tanda and Cortina…does anyone remember the Ford Cortina car in the 1960’s?.

The piece Milonga is by 68 year old Argentinian composer Jorge Cardoso, who is famous for his composition and performances on classical guitar. The piece can be played by students of grade 2 standard and can also be adapted for modern guitar students. Talk to me if you are interested in adding this to your repertoire.

Hope you enjoy my video and make sure you watch the master himself play this piece as a duet.






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