Posted by: Glenelg Guitar Studio | August 16, 2020

Learn your first guitar solo

As you start your progression in Modern Guitar you’re sure to want to learn some guitar solos that you have heard many times. I have put together a short video of the guitar solo from Nirvana’s song, Smells Like Teen Spirit.

This is a great introduction to solos for students in Grade one.

Check out the video and as always, let me know if you want to learn this solo or any other you have in mind.




  1. Thanks for this Leigh, this brings a couple of solos to my mind. But as you say “Baby steps!”

    • Thanks for your email Neil and I’m pleased to see your “baby steps” approach to learning solos.
      See you tomorrow Neil.

  2. Sounding great Leigh as always. Stay safe. Regards to everyone.

    • Thanks for making contact Bob-it’s great to hear from you and I’m glad you enjoyed the post.
      Please give my regards to Robbie and the rest of the family.

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