I would like to hear from you about any guitar queries or requirements you have. I can be contacted by mobile or email and  if I miss your call, please leave a message and  I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. I try to answer my emails daily.

I may not be able to answer my phone as I’m often with a student, so please leave a message or send a text.

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Leigh Fopp

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  1. Good evening Leigh, as discussed we will drop off Olivers green guitar to the ensemble room tomorrow morning and leave it on the table. Please just an honest opinion as we are happy to buy another one if not suitable, many thanks 😊

    • Will have a look and get back to you by the end of the day. Thanks Amy.

  2. Hi Leigh,

    I have come across your website while searching guitar teachers in Adelaide.
    I nearly signed up for an online course recently but thought I’d be better off spending the money on one on one lessons.

    I last had guitar lessons over 20 years ago, and have recently picked it up again. I’ve been learning songs through tab apps and trying to teach myself guitar theory, something which didn’t interest me as a teenager!
    Do you offer a trial lesson to see if this would suit me?
    I’ve only just considered the idea of lessons again, just to give me some direction with my practice.


    Jarrod Sims

    • Hi Jarrod,

      Thank you for your email and Happy New Year to you.

      If I read your email correctly, you are wanting to learn the following:

      1.Guitar theory

      I spend a lot of time teaching these 2 aspects of guitar playing to guitarists, so I suspect there wont be a problem teaching them to you.

      I offer a trial lesson and here is the link to my website regarding the trial lesson and lesson fees;

      Please let me know if you have any questions or wish to book an introductory lesson.

      Thanks again for your enquiry Jarrod.



  3. Leigh, my wife Bronya did a couple of your WEA courses and I came along for support in one of them. I’ve been a long time Rhythm player so have good chord knowledge etc. but would be interested to try and have some understanding of improvising. No formal music knowledge but obviously through experience can understand patterns, keys etc. Wondering if that fits with your teaching models and availability ?? best regards Bryn Williams

    • Hi Bryn,
      Thankyou for your 2 emails-via my website on Friday night and “bigpond” address yesterday.
      Both are fine to contact me on, it’s just that I don’t always check my emails on the weekend.
      No problems teaching you improvising.
      I will be teaching for a further 2 weeks with my last day for 2020 being Friday 11/12.
      Therefore if you would like to have a 60 minute introductory lesson before Christmas I have weekday vacancies most afternoons.
      Additionally, I am a teaching a “skeleton” timetable in January as follows:
      Sat 9th-am times available
      Sun 17th -am times available
      Please let me know if you would like to book a lesson(s).
      Thanks Bryn and please give my regards to Bronya.

  4. Hello Leigh,

    Firstly – thanks again for teaching John. What a joy it has been to see it become such a passion of his!

    It is also wonderful to see him to start embracing opportunities to play guitar at school, youth and church.

    He said the focus in lessons is mainly finger picking. I wondered would you be able to help him in lessons to gain further skills needed for playing worship songs?

    Perhaps if you could chat to him further about this in lesson.



    • Hi Leanne,
      Happy to have a chat with John at his next lesson and make the changes you suggested.
      Thanks again for the support you give him.

  5. Hi Leigh,

    Thanks for the offer to obtain a Pop Melodies songbook with play-along backing track.
    We would appreciate you sourcing the book and backing track for Luca. However, we do have a music stand at home that he is already starting to use – we forgot we had it!
    We’re enjoying ’Time of your life’ at home even more now that we can sing along while he plays!

    Thanks, Holly

    • Thanks Holly.
      Good news you have a music-stand.
      I will go ahead and get the book-which I strongly suspect you will also enjoy singing along to!

  6. Hi Leigh,

    I trust you had a good weekend.

    I’ve come across the piece after watching a TV series (Money Heist), this song (is traditionally an Italian folk song) was the used in the opening credits. It’s a catchy one that just sticks with you 😊.

    Is there any chance I can learn it?


    • Hi Rocco,
      Thanks for making contact.
      I know this piece well. No problems teaching it to you.
      In fact I have had a lot of requests from students asking to learn tv and movie themes, which I suspect is due to coronavirus lockdowns etc.
      Let’s get started on this piece at your next lesson Rocco.

  7. Hiya Leigh
    WOW, that is an amazing exam result (92/100). Aiden has been beaming from when I showed him ur email and still is.
    Thank you for all your hard work with him too. Without that he would not have got there.
    It just goes to show if you practice and stick with it, what you can achieve.

    Have a great day and thanks again.

    Charmaine Fuller

    • Hi Charmaine,
      Thanks for your response. Yes this is an outstanding result and I would like to thank you for your behind the scenes support.
      Aiden will receive the exam report sheet initially but there will also be an official certificate in due course.
      Once again, congratulations!

  8. Hi Leigh, my son is 7 years old and has been doing lessons with Luke Marsh for the past 6 months and as you probably know he is moving overseas. He highly recommended you and I’m wondering if you had any available spots for my son at all?

    • Hi Lisa,
      Thanks for your email.
      I remember teaching Luke when he was in high school, and I actually featured Luke on a post on this website, so I am pleased to hear he is doing well for himself.
      I will be in touch over the next few days.
      There shouldn’t be a problem fitting your son in here at Glenelg Guitar Studio.
      Thanks Lisa.

  9. Hi Leigh,

    My names Mathew, I’m 24 and looking at learning acoustic guitar.
    Never had any prior experience but have always wanted to learn this instrument.

    Hope to hear from you soon,

  10. Hi Leigh,
    I have been a student of yours for 12 mths nos & thus far, happy with my experience & future learning with yourself. On a cheekier note, I’d like to take you to task to prepare a song for us ‘your, “students”, maybe we could collectively vote on a song for you to play for us.. hav’nt thought of the logistics in working this thought out in completion… help fellow students ??

  11. Hi Leigh, hope you are well, it’s taken a lil apathy & all that, I completed a course with you 2 months back, name is Paul Cederblad.. blonde guy, looking for some inspiration & to tap into your 1 free session 🙂 … I liked your class & may consider continual guidance soon. I want to secretly surpass @ least one of my Brothers guitar skills then invite him to keep the pace.. hope to hear from you soon, cheers.. Paul

    • Great to hear from you Paul. The WEA classes are great fun and a perfect introduction to Guitar. However when it comes to upstaging your brother then it’s time to seek out help and I hope I can be of assistance! I will contact you via your email to arrange the free lesson.

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