Whilst I don’t normally spend time patting myself on the back at Glenelg Guitar Studio, some students have sent in unsolicited testimonials, and I thank them sincerely for their kind words.
Every beginner in guitar needs to know that with a little effort and lots of fun, they too can master the guitar to whatever level they desire.  Have a read of what others have achieved.
Leigh Fopp

“Thankyou to the graduates of the Jan ’22 W.E.A (Adult Education) Basic Guitar course. I appreciate your comments. Happy playing and feel free to stay in touch”.


Here’s a little surprise I had in 2020. Temple College is one of schools where I conducted guitar lessons.

Leigh Fopp- Recipient of AHOMINGS Award
The Music Department is proud to announce that one of our guitar teachers, Leigh Fopp,
has been awarded the AHOMINGS Don Burrows Awards for Recognition of Long Service
for Music Tutors in Independent Schools, nominated by the Head of Music of the
AHOMINGS (the Association of Heads of Music in Non-Government Schools). Compared
to Don Burrows, one of Australia’s most influential jazz musicians, those who are given the
privilege of receiving this award are recognised for their passionate, consistent and
outstanding influence on the future generation of musicians in South Australian
independent, non-government schools. Leigh has been invited to attend a presentation
ceremony at Pulteney Grammar school later this month to collect his award. It is a privilege to have him as a part of our department as he continues to hone the skills of our young musicians and we appreciate the work he puts in to continue to grow our program.
Congratulations Leigh on this outstanding achievement!


The award is for Recognition of Long Service for Music tutors in Independent Schools. Follow this link for the details.

Now for some more feedback from students.

Now that’s the most interesting “Thank You” I’ve had in a while.

Hey Leigh,
I hope this finds you and your family well and I have no doubt everything is going great at Glenelg Guitar Studio.

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all you have done for me in light of recent personal achievements. Despite finishing my double degree at uni I’ve decided that I am going to be a full-time musician and music teacher. Last year I secured a teaching position at a fantastic music school in Flagstaff Hill called Pathways Music.

Without your expertise and guidance throughout my excellent exam results in both guitar and theory I would not have been able to work this job that I am genuinely passionate about.

I always dreamed of being able to play guitar and music everyday, and without you I could not have achieved that.

I recently put my first exam student through her AMEB Guitar exam and she achieved an A, which was a proud moment and one of the best feelings as a teacher. The goal for me is still very much to make it as an artist, and I’m currently in the process of recording a whole bunch of material ready for release.

Your patience and persistence with me has given me the skill-set to write and perform original music that I am proud of and that helps give me an outlet to express myself.

For that I’ll be forever grateful Leigh.

Kind Regards,
Josh Kroehn

About two years ago I decided to try guitar as a new hobby as a late 50’s guy; bought myself a cheapie and enrolled in a WEA course, where I met Leigh, who was the tutor. I had had a previous dabble in guitar many years before but it didn’t grab me and I gave up, so I’m not sure what I expected this time, but from day one of that course, Leigh had us playing “Wild Thing”, “Sunshine of your Love” and “Smoke on the Water”…wow. I guess I had expected to learn a few chords, some drills and theory and maybe a couple of basic nursery rhymes (no disrespect to those)…a bit boring perhaps.

Since then, Leigh has been my teacher and I have learnt so much and enjoy my guitar a lot. When my friends asked what I had learnt, I was amazed reflecting back on how many songs I could play. Some are a bit rough, mind you, but they include some by Pink Floyd, Green Day, the Beatles, Pete Murray …..some of my very favourite artists. Thanks a lot Leigh for always making learning actual songs your top priority in teaching me..this approach has captured my imagination and kept me fully engaged in learning and i can notice the improvement over time. This song focus plus your patience and relaxed, friendly manner has kept me engaged and looking forward to every lesson and thoroughly enjoying our musical journey……Regards  Mel.

Hi Leigh,
It’s been a while since I spoke to you! How have you been?
Just thought you might be interested – my band has just released our first official video clip for our new single… recorded and performed on a little cigar box guitar!

We’ll be headlining the Friday night at Blues In The Barossa too if you were thinking of going?
I also wanted to say thanks again for all of your amazing support and help teaching me guitar through high school all those years ago… without it I probably wouldn’t be where I am today playing in a professional working band!

Hope you’ve been well mate.
All the best,
Luke Marsh.

Hi Leigh . I’m loving the lessons and would have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone I come across who needs a teacher..see you Tuesday.

Thank you for your kind words Leigh, I certainly did enjoy my lessons with you and will have no hesitation in passing on your details to anyone I know who is interested in guitar tuition. I’m glad that you appreciate the impact you have on your students when you are able to help them achieve things they never thought they could, I know that this is the case for me and & I will make sure the skills I have picked up so far will stay with me for the rest of my ‘journey’.
May the Crows, The Bays, the Goody Saints and, most importantly, yourself all have an excellent 2014!
Best Wishes

Hi Leigh,
Sorry about the delayed reply, have been away from the computer quite a bit since going on break.
Thanks for your kind email, I’ve had a corker of a year learning guitar with you & am really looking forward to this year, 2014. Can’t wait until the 9th Jan.
Hope that 2014 is a great year for you, Leigh; both professionally and personally. Maybe those Tigers might actually get up!… and of course that you had a great Xmas break too!

Hey Leigh,
2013 was an awesome year Guitar wise, and I can’t thank you enough for helping me achieve such great results.
I will always trust you with my music, as you’ve made me the musician/guitarist I am, I will always be in debt to you. Will be great to return to lessons on Wednesday.

Testimonial by Dr Phil Saj
I commenced guitar lessons with Leigh in 2005, having made a general enquiry through the Australian Music Teachers Association. As it turned out, Leigh was also teaching at the School my son, Luca, was attending at the time, Immanuel Primary. So, together, Luca and I began, what has turned out to be a wonderful journey through guitar studies with Leigh. (Luca’s interest is in rock, while mine is in classical music.) Leigh is a highly effective guitar teacher. He holds high standards, but appreciates the challenges of those new to the guitar, often recalling his own experiences in mastering the instrument, and also providing examples from his continuing daily practice routines. Above all, Leigh’s love of music, sense of humour, and desire to see his students progress makes learning from him a relaxed and enjoyable experience. Under Leigh’s tuition, both Luca and I have successfully undertaken practical and theoretical studies through the Australian Guild of Music.  Luca has done particularly well, attaining Distinctions or High Distinctions in every exam. In preparing us for the exams, Leigh leaves “no stone unturned”. As such,  I have  adapted a few of Leigh’s teaching strategies in the  accounting courses that I deliver at  university. For anyone considering the guitar,  I have no doubt you can flourish with Leigh Fopp as your teacher.

Hello Leigh
 It is now a little over three years since we first met with you and began a very interesting journey together. Those years have been educational and have seen us cover quite a lot of territory, (with some of it being covered more than once, each time a little more slowly than before). The time has been very rewarding in the musical sense and we thank you for that but we both feel that we have learned and gained a lot in other ways as well. We have come to look upon you as a friend as well as a top class music teacher. More importantly, we have found you to be a most understanding and compassionate person, a man in whom we both feel we can place our full trust. Thanks Leigh for being the person you are, for your positive outlook and your understanding of the needs of others. We are looking forward to the rest of the journey

Regards   Nanon and Don

Testimonial to Leigh Fopp
I commenced Guitar lessons with Leigh in October 2006. I’m getting a later start in life with my guitar (I’m in my late 60’s) with no legitimate playing experience. Fortunately I met Leigh at an introductory class through the WEA, and since commencing lessons with Leigh I’m having a great time learning to play the guitar. Initially I started learning chords and strumming but have recently added Classical Guitar to my playing. I am surely slower than most, with minimal rhythm and less than flexible digits, but Leigh always supports my efforts with unlimited patience, understanding, and enthusiasm. If only I could have begun these lessons with Leigh when I was a youngster, no doubt you would be listening to several of my CD’s nowadays. In addition to Guitar playing I also do music theory in lesson with Leigh and have voluntary sat two theory of music exams obtaining 100% on each occasion.  I would recommend Leigh Fopp to any level of talent that wants to improve, and Leigh will show you the way. He is very accomplished at all the styles of guitar and has a wealth of knowledge of written music and instruction.  Regardless of your skill level or musical taste, Leigh can provide you with quality, customized instruction. Not only is Leigh a great instructor, he is a decent, great guy.

Lenore Roder


  1. Thanks Leigh for your email and positive comments re Sams’ progress
    I think Sam is growing up a lot and he is also really enjoying guitar which helps to motivate his practice. I’m glad that he is doing well in lessons too!!
    Thanks for your continued work with Sam also

    • My pleasure!
      I am really enjoying Sams positive approach to Guitar, and the high standard of playing that he is demonstrating at his lessons-particularly as some of the material he has been given is very challenging and way outside his comfort zone!
      Thanks again for the support Colin and yourself give him Janelle.

  2. Thank You, soooooo much for remembering my birthday Leigh.

    It is sooooo good of you to remember after all these years.

    I am now (since the end of August, 2019,) in an Aged Care Nursing Home where I shall spend the rest of my life.
    It’s a wonderful place…. “Heaven on Earth !’

    Once again, Thank You Sooooooooooo Very Much for your Greetings.
    God Bless you + your Family: you are All in my Poor Daily Prayers.

    Fondest Best Wishes,,


  3. Hi Leigh

    Thanks for your emails& support for Tom this semester.
    He enjoys playing guitar…just needs encouragement to get going!
    Enjoy your break.

    Regards Lisa

    • Hi Lisa,
      Thanks for your email and the support you give Tom.
      Will keep in touch.

  4. Hi Leigh

    Please accept my apologies for not replying to your email! It got lost amongst work emails and a crazy week.

    Thanks so much for your teaching of James he seems to be really enjoying guitar.

    Cheers Karyn

    • Hi Karyn,
      Thanks for your email.
      I will go about obtaining those items for James.
      Glad to hear he is enjoying lessons.
      Thank you for the support you are giving him Karyn.

  5. Hi Leigh,

    Please find the audition information from the St Ignatius forwarded below. It may be of use in Hayden’s lesson next Monday.

    Thank you again for working with Hayden.

    Kind regards,

    • Thanks Heather.
      I’ll use this information in Haydens lesson.
      Hope the audition goes well.

  6. Thanks so much Leigh for your wonderful news !!!! Daniel is so excited with that result he worked hard when pushed a little !!! Thankyou for your on going support and teaching . Daniel already playing us bits of Sweet home Alabama since yesterday !!! I think he’s really enjoying his new found confidence !!! Cheers Leigh have a lovely weekend chat soon .. Jane Warren Demi & Daniel Walsh 🙂

  7. Eagle Rock – what a gas. Thoroughly enjoyed your rendition Leigh. And the potted histroy. Thinking I should be getting back to it. Very inspring.
    Phil Saj

  8. Hey Leigh,

    2013 was an awesome year Guitar wise, and I can’t thank you enough for helping me achieve such great results.

    I will always trust you with my music, as you’ve made me the musician/guitarist I am, I will always be in debt to you. Will be great to return to lessons on Wednesday.


    • Thanks Josh, and congratulations on your achievements in 2013.

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