Posted by: Glenelg Guitar Studio | April 1, 2013

Cherry Blossom Festival

Hi Everyone,

In Japan at the moment Cherry Blossom festivals are taking place all over the country.

The Japanese turn out in large numbers with family and friends,at parks, shrines and temples to hold flower-viewing parties and celebrate the beauty of the cherry blossom.

I hope you enjoy my version of the beautiful  ‘Sakura’ which translates as ‘Cherry Blooms’.

If you like it please share it around and/or leave a comment.



  1. Beautiful, Leigh! I really enjoyed it.

  2. Very good Leigh!!!! I learned this Sakura tune on the Shakuhachi some time ago when I had time to play from some sheet music I found…. havnt played for very long time but still have flute… Your nephew Dion,,,,

  3. Beautifully played having been to Japan at Cherry Blossom Time felt like I was back there. You really got a unique sound loved it

  4. Really nice Leigh. Was that some harmonic work at the start?
    Next lesson, I will have to ask you about the technique of playing above and prior to the sound hole and the different sounds that gives.


  5. Very nice, I spent a bit of time in Japan and was lucky enough to be there for Cherry Blossom festival. Beautiful season!

  6. nice one 🙂

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