Posted by: Glenelg Guitar Studio | April 24, 2013

Amazing Grace – Chet Atkins style

Hi Everyone,

I was fortunate enough to play this version of Amazing Grace at my brother Brenton’s funeral, on this day 12 months ago.

Since that day I have had requests to record it, so here it is.

If you like it please share it around and/or leave a comment.



  1. Thanks for sharing this Leigh.

  2. I very much enjoyed this. Thanks for sharing it Leigh. A year on since your brothers death- a beautiful way to mark such a sad occasion.

  3. Leigh g’day, Just downloaded your “Amazing Grace” Guitar Solo. What can I say. Most moving. And, may your Dear Brother Rest in Peace. When I am feeling better I shall play all the downloads. However, at the moment I am recovering from an inflammation/infection of my left eye. My G.P. wrote me a letter for the Emergency of the Q.E.H. and have discomforting ointment in my eyes – would rather have preferred ‘drops,’ as long as it does the job. If no improvement by the end of Friday, then Emergency again on Saturday morning, As my G,P. is fond of reminding me “They don’t make spare parts for your model anymore.” Am persevering tackling the “Spanish Study” and progressingly very slowly. What’s that saying: “No short cuts,” And, Henry 8 would put me on the Chopping Block, if he were to hear my attempt of his “Greensleeves.” I shall just keep on trying. It’s the # # # that are difficult every time, that is if I am playing the correct ### in the first place. I am practising ‘religiously.’ Cheers & stay well, happy & safe, Hugh

  4. Beautiful Leigh, thanks for sharing. Jen

  5. We appreciated and enjoyed that very much thank you Leigh
    Nanon and Don

  6. Oh WOW! Thankyou for sharing such a beautiful piece.

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