Posted by: Glenelg Guitar Studio | February 16, 2016

Playing duets…..double the learning

Hi everyone and welcome to 2016.

I would like to pass on some of my thoughts on playing duets, both for learning and for playing enjoyment. I hope some of these ideas may be of use to you and as usual I’m happy to discuss them further next time we catch up.

In the sphere of learning the guitar I think duets are a very useful tool both for student and teacher. Playing a duet piece really brings the music to life, just as modern and classical music normally combines a number of instruments, two people playing the guitar together can really enhance the experience. It of course can be a lot of fun just jamming with another guitarist.

But with duets in the “guitar learning” phase there are also a couple of other benefits. The student really needs to know the music well as they need to be able to concentrate on the their section of piece, so this enhances learning and memorising.

Timing becomes very important with 2 players , so again this reinforces the need to confidently read the sheet music as well as understanding the timing for the other player. The need to play in time becomes critical with 2 players, even being able to recover your timing when you make a mistake is important.

These are just a couple of benefits of playing duets and I encourage you to try them with other guitarists or as part of your lessons with me. I really enjoy playing duets with students, no matter what level your at or style you play.

Here’s a video of a current classical students playing a duet,which I hope you will enjoy. There will be more to come when we settle into the new premises.





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