Posted by: Glenelg Guitar Studio | March 1, 2016

2 guitars 1 player

Hi Everyone,

I recorded this piece for a classical student a little while ago to show what can be achieved by playing duets. As it turned out this time I had to play both parts.

However, since our last article on Goal Setting for 2016 I now have 2 other students who will be doing duets with me, as part of their performance training.

So why not put your hand up as well and join me in trying a duet as part of your learning. We can do various styles and genres, modern or classical, and at whatever level you are studying at. I am sure it will accelerate your learning and enhance your performance skills.



  1. Hi Leigh ,

    Lorraine Mitchell here !

    We didn’t get to thank you for all you did for the Mitchell family as far as guitar goes before Pete finished up with his lessons . I was wondering if I could drop around a small gift sometime to thank you for the many years of teaching – I hear you have moved house too & so I would need your new address

    Thank you

    Sent from Lorraines iPhone


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