Posted by: Glenelg Guitar Studio | March 30, 2016

Just get on the bus

Hi everyone,

I opened an email this week which made me think about how a new student feels when they decide to learn the guitar (you can read it at the bottom of the page). Often they come to me not knowing exactly where they want to go and they certainly don’t know how they are going to get there.

But they know one thing. They want to learn Guitar.

So it’s really a matter of “just get on the bus”. We don’t know where the destination will be and we can’t say with any certainty what route we will travel but we know that there will be lots of FUN along the way.

Just get on and see where it goes

Just get on and see where it goes

There might even be a famous face or two on the bus, or maybe become one yourself.

Famous faces from my youth

Famous faces from my youth

Oh… and back to that email. It came from Kane, a student I haven’t seen since the mid 1990’s when he got on the Guitar Bus. Guess he’s now very glad he did, but I’m sure he didn’t know his destination would be Music Lecturer but I’m very glad he chose me as bus driver.

Hi Leigh (Mr Fopp), just wanted you to know how thankful I am that you were my Bass teacher at Immanuel. I am now a full time lecturer in the music course at TAFE and as I reflect on my musical upbringing I owe a lot of this to you. You were an amazing teacher, the lessons were always structured well and everything you taught me had a point to it. I often think back to things you said and reinforce these with my students. I can only imagine how many of your previous students would feel the same way. Anyway, keep doing what your doing (I’m sure you are). Cheers, Kane

In 2016 I will be looking at new ways for students, young and old, to “get on the bus”  and find out where they would like to go with their Guitar learning; so look out for some new ideas coming soon.



  1. Well done Kane. Well done leigh!

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