Posted by: Glenelg Guitar Studio | June 14, 2016

Spanish Study

Want to learn an interesting piece of Spanish style music ?. Here’s one that can be played by anyone from late beginner upwards and is easily learnt no matter whether you are a student of classical or modern guitar. The best things are that it sounds great with a little practice and is an excellent practice piece for moving between the higher and lower strings.

It’s quite a famous piece composed by Issac Albeniz and is often referred to as “Spanish Study”, “Leylenda” or “Asturius”.

So have a look at the video and see the basics of the piece and talk to me at your next lesson if you are interested in adding it to your repertoire. Make sure you also check out the Ana Vidovic video as well and see what she does with this piece.


PS If the video is not shown below then follow this link or view in your browser.



  1. wow I can see years of work in there…but how lovely Dr Pamela Schulz have sent this on to my mates

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