Posted by: Glenelg Guitar Studio | July 5, 2016

Thinking out loud

Question: What does a 13 year old Glenelg Guitar Studio student do when a young lady asks him if he could play Guitar to Ed Sherran’s “Thinking Out Loud” while she sang at her nightly performance on a South Pacific cruise ?

Answer: You borrow a guitar and learn the chords REAL quick. Is an hour enough ?

Full marks to Jack Stone for his great performance and thanks to “In-house entertainer”Kimberly Sunstrum for her support. Jack is doing music studies this year and last year played Guitar in the Primary Schools Orchestra which performed at Festival Theatre.

Yes; Jack is undertaking Guitar Exams this year and achieved 98% in his last exam. Need I say more about the benefits of Guitar Exams !

Hope you enjoy the video.

PS  If the video doesn’t show just follow this link.

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