Posted by: Glenelg Guitar Studio | September 26, 2016

Sweet Home Alabama

This song feels like it’s been around forever, probably because it was released 42 years ago by southern USA band Lynyrd Skynyrd, and for most of my students 42 years is forever. It has a great sound and beat to it and is a classic modern guitar piece with Allen Collins playing rhythm guitar, Leon Wilkeson on bass guitar and Ed King on lead guitar.

Even better, it is a great song for students to learn as the chords for the introduction are easy to master with a little practice. The rest of the song uses the same chords but in a changed progression and can be mastered by students at Grade One or Two level.

There is  also a little controversy and history with the lyrics being linked to the American race problems of the 1970’s and it’s worth reading about it hereInteresting reading in relation to what’s happening in the US at present.

The first video gives you a rundown of the introduction section and the second is the official band video.

If you think this piece will suit your taste check out the videos and let me know at your next lesson.


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