Posted by: Glenelg Guitar Studio | May 14, 2018

I believe I’ll dust my broom

“Dust my broom” is an old saying originating in the American south meaning that “I’m leaving and won’t come back”. Not to be confused with Mothers’ often screeched “Go clean your room” which many may be more familiar with.

“Dust My Broom” is a blues song originally recorded as “I Believe I’ll Dust My Broom” by American blues artist Robert Johnson in 1936. It is a solo performance in the Delta blues-style with Johnson’s vocal accompanied by his acoustic guitar and the song has become a blues standard, with numerous renditions by a variety of musicians.

What it brings to students today is the playing of melody and rhythm in the one piece which embodies the sound of the Delta Blues. It’s achievable by students from grade 2 onwards and is an excellent learning piece, not only for the incorporation of the melody and rhythm but to give you a taste of the Delta Blues.

Have a look at the snippet from me and enjoy the original from Robert Johnson. As always if you are interested in learning this piece please talk to me at your next lesson.

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