Posted by: Glenelg Guitar Studio | November 27, 2018

….and the winner is…..

It was a lovely warm Spring day at Glenelg and crowds of people were wandering along the esplanade enjoying the sunshine and a few were braving the still chilly water of the Gulf.

Some lugged guitar cases through Moseley Square, headed for a short Saturday morning session at Glenelg Guitar Studio. Yes, you guessed it, it’s exam time again !!!!

13 students conquered their nerves as well as the syllabus and spent 15 minutes or so being assessed by the International Music Examination Board examiner. It was the culmination of a years work for many and for some it was the first step in measuring their “guitar progress”.

And the WINNER IS………..

Well, actually they were all winners. No matter what grade or ability you are, just stepping up and working towards assessment makes you a winner in so many ways. To those who did it: Congratulations.

The List of WINNERS ( in no particular order !!)

Ian Pope Grade 3

Jack Stone Grade 3

Anthony Bria Preliminary

Jack Timberlake Grade 1

Jesse Gibbs Grade 3

William Healey Grade 4

Veaco Smith Grade 1

Huwan Leibbrandt Grade 2

James Gluyas Grade 3

Malcolm Lindner Grade 4-Classical Guitar

Harrison Sparrow Preliminary

Hayden Sparrow Grade 2

David Peacock Grade 1

Congratulations to all.


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